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Indian Standard Time (IST)

Indian Standard Time (IST), also known as India Standard Time, is the time zone observed throughout the country, with a time offset of UTC+05:30. Daylight saving time or other seasonal adjustments are not observed in India.

Time zones In most parts of India, there is no time change during the summer months. However, in the Indian states of Gujarat, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Chhattisgarh, and Orissa, there is a time change from UTC+05:30 to UTC+06:00 during the summer. This time change is observed in these states only from April to September.

In India, Indian Standard Time (IST) is calculated from the clock tower in Mirzapur within 4 angular minutes of the reference longitude of IST at 82ยฐ30'E. It was in 1905 that the meridian passing east of Allahabad was declared a standard time zone for British India, and in 1947 it was renamed IST for the Dominion of India. Naini near Allahabad, at 82ยฐ5'E, was chosen as the standard meridian for the entire country because there is a difference in time between western India (around +05:00) and northeastern India (around +06:00), therefore roughly standardizing with UTC+05:30 of central India. Indian Standard Time (IST) is currently maintained by the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research-National Physical Laboratory (CSIR-NPL) with the help of the Allahabad Observatory.

During the Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 and 1971, Daylight Saving Time (DST) was used briefly.

WhenMidnight to NoonNoon to Midnight
24 Hour Clock00:00 to 11:5912:00 to 23:59

India Time in 12 Hour Format (12h/24h)

The time is displayed in both 12h and 24h format in India, but the majority of the India Time is displayed in 12h format. In some places, however, we display the time in 24h format or 12 hour format. See the Table to better understand the 12 hour time format in India.

This website will display the time in India for all major cities across the country, as well as for any other location listed. We display the time in India according to the GMT+ 5:30 time zone of India on the website.  

24โ€“hour clock12-hour clock
01:0001:00 AM
02:0002:00 AM
03:0003:00 AM
04:0004:00 AM
05:0005:00 AM
06:0006:00 AM
07:0007:00 AM
08:0008:00 AM
09:0009:00 AM
10:0010:00 AM
11:0011:00 AM
12:0012:00 AM
13:0001:00 PM
14:0002:00 PM
15:0003:00 PM
16:0004:00 PM
17:0005:00 PM
18:0006:00 PM
19:0007:00 PM
20:0008:00 PM
21:0009:00 PM
22:0010:00 PM
23:0011:00 PM
24:0012:00 PM

Indian States Time

  The Indian time and date can be found here for all Indian states. or Search By Name of State

india time
India time

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